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Tue, Feb 5 @ 9:22:36am

Come on down to Tremont!  Wear your glittery best!  Check out my fabulous Satan's birthday card - "Bon Anniversaire Satan"!  See you there!!

2009 The Year of the Boar!

Mon, Feb 4 @ 6:25:18pm

The Persistence of Surrealism

Mon, Feb 4 @ 6:23:14pm

ArtCraft Open Studio Sale! This weekend - Dec.1 & 2.

Wed, Nov 28 @ 10:50:29pm

'Tis Near Halloween!

Wed, Nov 28 @ 10:49:11pm

This Halloween banner "'Tis Near Halloween!" will be for sale this weekend at the ArtCraft Building!  Come on downtown for the 31st Annual ArtCraft Open Studio Sale!

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